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TN Carry Permit Registration

First, Visit this link -> Tennessee State Handgun Application. (http://dl.safety.tn.gov/)

Please take the time to go over these instructions on how you can register for your Tennessee state carry permit.  We try to keep this page  up-to-date as new information presents itself.

If this is your first visit to the TN Website, you SHOULD see something like this:

Select the Handgun Permits tab (1) and COMPLETE the registration process (2):

If you’ve visited before, you MIGHT see something like this:
2017-07-05 18_32_56-TN Driver Services P3

Moving on.

Retain your 7 digit confirmation number.

Then, call us right away to reserve your seat.  (615) 206-8685

Tennessee Gun Permit Classes

Our carry classes that start at 8:00 AM.

The State of Tennessee requires this class before filing an application for a handgun carry permit. The permit is necessary to legally carry a loaded handgun on your person or in a vehicle. The successful completion of this course will qualify the student to file an application with the state for a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.

Students taking the Tennessee Handgun Carry Class will learn handgun nomenclature, function, operation, handgun safety, cleaning, storage, and the legal liabilities of carrying a handgun. The course covers how to load, unload and carry a handgun, common gun and ammunition malfunctions, and fundamental shooting techniques. The course will conclude with a short written test and a range fire test. The state requires a passing score of 70% or higher on both the written and range tests.

Classes are 8 hours long, normally scheduled on every 1st and 3rd Saturday, beginning at 8:00 am. Evening classes may be scheduled, from time to time.

You need to bring a firearm and 50 rounds of factory ammunition. You may rent a gun and purchase the ammo at the class. SGS will provide hearing protection and eye protection, at no charge.

Tennessee Permit Training Classes:

Scheduled Classes: $70.00

Private Classes: $195.00 (group discounts are available)

Beginner Handgun Training & Coaching (Non-Permit)

If the student has had no experience handling a gun or is uncertain about being able to qualify, we recommend taking this introductory course, before attempting the Permit Class.

Personal Instruction (basic): $50.00/hr

Call 615-206-8685 for more information and to register.


  1. I would like to take the gun class
    To get my license to carry and possibly purchase a smaller gun
    Can you please sign me up and let me know whe. To be there and what I need
    Thank you

    • Hello Paula, our trained staff can help you find the right firearm that fits and set you up for a permit class as well. If you’re new to shooting, they can also help you get your aim straight before you test. I would recommend visiting the store and talking to one of the training professionals about getting a firearm that fits and about scheduling your permit class.

  2. I’m interested in taking this class to get my gun permit. I know to use a hand gun. How to I get the application . Because it’s not letting me do it on line. I have also went threw the hunters safety class when I 2 years. Please let me know how to do this.

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