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TN Carry Permit Registration

First, Visit this link -> Tennessee State Handgun Application. (http://dl.safety.tn.gov/)

Please take the time to go over these instructions on how you can register for your Tennessee state carry permit.  We try to keep this page  up-to-date as new information presents itself.

If this is your first visit to the TN Website, you SHOULD see something like this:

Select the Handgun Permits tab (1) and COMPLETE the registration process (2):

If you’ve visited before, you MIGHT see something like this:
2017-07-05 18_32_56-TN Driver Services P3

Moving on.

Retain your 9 or 10 digit APPLICATION number.

Then, call us right away to reserve your seat.  (615) 206-8685

Tennessee Gun Permit Classes

Our carry classes that start at 8:00 AM.

The State of Tennessee requires this class before filing an application for a handgun carry permit. The permit is necessary to legally carry a loaded handgun on your person or in a vehicle. The successful completion of this course will qualify the student to file an application with the state for a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.

Students taking the Tennessee Handgun Carry Class will learn handgun nomenclature, function, operation, handgun safety, cleaning, storage, and the legal liabilities of carrying a handgun. The course covers how to load, unload and carry a handgun, common gun and ammunition malfunctions, and fundamental shooting techniques. The course will conclude with a short written test and a range fire test. The state requires a passing score of 70% or higher on both the written and range tests.

Classes are 8 hours long, normally scheduled on every 1st and 3rd Saturday, beginning at 8:00 am. Evening classes may be scheduled, from time to time.

You need to bring a firearm and 50 rounds of factory ammunition. You may rent a gun and purchase the ammo at the class. SGS will provide hearing protection and eye protection, at no charge.

Find our schedule of Tennessee Permit Training Classes on our calendar page.

Pricing for training can be found on our Training page.

Call 615-206-8685 for more information and to register.


  1. I would like to take the gun class
    To get my license to carry and possibly purchase a smaller gun
    Can you please sign me up and let me know whe. To be there and what I need
    Thank you

    • Hello Paula, our trained staff can help you find the right firearm that fits and set you up for a permit class as well. If you’re new to shooting, they can also help you get your aim straight before you test. I would recommend visiting the store and talking to one of the training professionals about getting a firearm that fits and about scheduling your permit class.

  2. I’m interested in taking this class to get my gun permit. I know to use a hand gun. How to I get the application . Because it’s not letting me do it on line. I have also went threw the hunters safety class when I 2 years. Please let me know how to do this.

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