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Our USCCA and NRA certified instructors are professional, experienced, ready to train, and can help you get that permit to carry!  We emphasize safety and responsibility in every course we offer.

Every gun owner should strive to maintain or improve their knowledge and skill through training and practice.  We recommend following a progression of training that makes the most sense for you, whether you plan to carry a firearm or not.

Save money when you book multiple courses.

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Private Coaching : $50 per hour
The best “As-needed” class to ensure qualification to carry and to build your knowledge of firearms and shooting practices.  Want to hit that target in the middle?  Book some coaching hours and our instructors will get you shooting right!

TN Handgun Carry Permit Class : (8 hours) : $70  (Private class: $250)
8 Hours State-mandated minimum training that starts at 8:00 AM.
The state has changed this process recently by making it slightly more confusing.
(Online registration is required) (For details on Handgun Law in TN: TN LAW)
1. Follow the steps in THIS ARTICLE on how to apply.
2. Retain your seven digit confirmation number.
3. Call us right away to reserve your seat.  (615) 206-8685

Concealed Carry Class : (4 hours) : $70  (Private class: $195)
Learning what you need to know about concealed carrying.

USCCA Training / Certification / Instructor Counseling
(US Concealed Carry Association)
More info coming soon!

HR218 / Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) : (8 hours) : $60
Certification, re-certification for active and retired officers. (+ $10 each additional firearm)

Armed Guard Certification : (16 hours) : $195
Re-certification : (4 hours) : $70

Unarmed Guard : (4 hours) : $70
Certification and re-certification.

Reloading Workshop : (6 hours) : $70
The fundamentals of what you’ll need and how to start Reloading Your Own Ammo.

Class fees are not refundable and may be rescheduled once with 72 hours notice.
Prices do not include ammo or gun rental (as needed).
Please become familiar with our Range Rules before attending a class.